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Speed up static resources with AWS CloudFront CDN

Nowadays CDN is easy to use. Even a startup or personal website shall consider use CDN to speed up static resources, such as photos, javascript/css files. Here are simple steps to use AWS CloudFront CDN and enable it in Tornado. … Continue reading

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Deploy OAuth provider with mod_wsgi

Recently I deploy an OAuth provider with apache/mod_wsgi. Everything works fine on django dev server locally, but is broken onto apache server. After analyzing the logs, it shows that the HTTP header ‘Authroization’ is dropped by default. To pass thru … Continue reading

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Get the real client IP address, when you use a reverse proxy

Let’s say you are running ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, or Python web. If the code is visited via reverse proxy, then the client IP address is the proxy IP with regular detecting routue. To fix the issue, let’s first take a … Continue reading

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