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Android: record screen cast like a breeze

Record screen video can be super easy. First, put below lines in your .bash_profile file. Then type the command screenrecord demo_video_name. When you are done, press Ctrl + C to stop recording. Easy, huh! Please note: Android 4.4+ (KitKat or … Continue reading

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Android: capture screenshot with one line of adb command

Just one-liner to capture android screenshot:

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Tutorial: Create android gradle project with dagger

It is tricky to set up multi-module projects with android & gradle, if you are new to it. It is even trickier to make it working with Dagger. A bit background knowledge: Dagger is an open-source dependency injection framework designed … Continue reading

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INSTALL_REFERRER broadcast helps to track android installation referrer

Many businesses ask you how you hear about them, when you first visit them. Because the data is important for growing their businesses. OK, you have an android app. Aren’t you interested in tracking how the users find you? For … Continue reading

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Base64 Encoding in Android 2.1 or Earlier

Base64 is common used. Now Google added a utility class android.util.Base64. Unfortunately it is only available in Android 2.2 and later. So, you need just a little bit work to use it with Android 2.1 or ealier. Yes, just copy … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Mobile Phones (1985 – today)

Very interesting!

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