Microsoft’s Oslo as a Domain Modeling Language

I watched a good demo about M language from Microsoft. The link is listed below:

Modeling: Transformation and Constraints

As I watch the demo video, I start to realize that DSL and domain modeling may be two things, but with certern intersection. For example, if you really devise a computer language, it should have the abilities of executing programs. However, in the demo, oslo looks more like to describe your data or model, and lacks of executing support.

Another example is Xtext, which is a sub project of eclipse Textual Modeling Framework. There will release first version in June this year. I had a quick talk with some people of them. So far, to me, it looks more like to describe the strucutres of your data or domain model. In comparison, ANTLR v3 is supporting actions and templated transformations, AST and tree-based interpretion/transform. Therefore it can do more than just describe your stuff. You can define tree grammar to rewrite or translate your model to another model or even excutable stuff (bytecode, java code, c# code). Xtext people said that they plan to support actions in next version. Sounds like that they are going to be more like ANTLR v3. An interesting roadmap!

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