How to kick off textual Domain Specific Languages (DSLs)?

I am playing with DSLs. As a developer without too much language/compiler experience, it is not easy to get started. Fortunately, my friend Yu has a lot of experience, and Internet is another resort for resources. So, it becomes a bit easier for my evening learning.

Based on my recent reading, I would recommend the following resources for kick-off. If you are a DSL beginner who dones’t have plenty of experience (like me), it may be helpful:

1. There are two papers
a. On the Specification of Textual Syntaxes for Models
b. TCS: a DSL for the Specification of Textual Concrete Syntaxes in Model Engineering
The papers are written by committers of eclipse TCS project. They help to give you a feel and look in an academic perspective. I think it good to know about basic framework of methodology and a few terms in implementing a DSL.

2. ANTLR, get your hands dirty
Having knowledge with ANTLR will help your language definition journey. It is quite easy to master ANTLR with well-prepared documentations:
a. ANTLR Getting Start
b. Five minites introduction ANTLR v3
c. ANTLR v3 by Mark Volkmann
d. Some DSL posts in the Article section.

3. Some Links for Domain Specific Languages
This is a post I wrote earlier. It contains a few useful links:

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