Write Xml editor by Extending WTP Xml Editor

Several months ago, I posted a blog about writing a Xml editor based on JFace Text Framework. What has changed in the past months?

On my side, I went to frequently the eclipse newsgroups. I went to EclipseCon’09 and listened to Xml editor tutorial by WTP committers. While more gained experience, I would recommend that you extend WTP xml editor to build your own. Reasons are simple:

1. You don’t need to invent wheels from scratch
2. You can improve yourselves by reading WTP source codes
3. There are active communities you can turn to for help.

I’d like to recommend some additional resources for building your own xml editors:

1. The slides and code “Extending the XML and JSP editors from the WTP Project“, by WTP committers
2. The lecture at EclipseCon2009 “Building the XML Editor you’ve always wanted“, and slides/sample. [Edit: Links are broken after years]

Hope it helps.

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2 Responses to Write Xml editor by Extending WTP Xml Editor

  1. Philippe Favrais says:

    Hello Frank, i am interested by your post about
    -Write Xml editor by Extending WTP Xml Editor
    -Writing an XML Editor using JFace Text Framework
    But some of the links do not work. Can you update them,
    thank you

    • frankdu says:

      Thank you for pointing it out, Philippe! Unfortunately, cannot find all links. Therefore, # is the current link in such situation, and link title is the original href value.

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