Some Links for Domain Specific Languages

I am looking into DSL (domain specific language) recently. There are a few links below, bookmarked for my own convenience:

  1. Language Oriented Programming: The Next Programming Paradigm
    A good paper introduction to DSL. The language is plain, vivid, and easy to understand. Really a good start point.
  2. An introductory example of domain specific languages – by Martin Fowler
    It’s a very good start point. Martin gives explanations by examples, which make everything clear to understand. There are some examples in XML, ruby-like, and vbscript-like forms.
  3. The Pragmatic Code Generator Programmer by Sven Efftinge et. al.
    Another article for using openArchitectWare Xtext.
  4. The Help Documentation coming along with the Xtext Framework
    Definitely the good documentation to start with Xtext.
  5. Sven Efftinge’s Blog
    Svem plays an important role in developing Xtext, which is a DSL framework.
  6. More blogs ……
    More blogs at ohloh……
  7. The Xtext Framework: TMF Xtext and oAW Xtext
    The former is a subproject of eclipse TMF (textual modeling project). The latter is under the umbrella of OpenArchitectAWare. Definitely there is connection between them. Yes, by the same group of people.
  8. MPS Project – Developed by a famous European company, they published the paper of the #1 item.
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4 Responses to Some Links for Domain Specific Languages

  1. Andrey says:

    It’s all very nice, but MPS is produced by a well-known _RUSSIAN_ company — JetBrains (SPb, Russia)

  2. Andrey says:

    OK, they do not list their Russian office on their site but all the R&D is located in Saint-Petersburg and the founder, Sergey Dmitriev, works in Saint-Petersburg too.

  3. frank says:

    to Andrey: Thank you so much for the correction. I forgot for what reason I thought MPS is by a Czech company. But anyway MPS is a great product! Look forward more innovation from them!

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