Writing an XML Editor using JFace Text Framework

I am trying to write an XML Editor using JFace Text Framework. I started from the default XML Editor template created by eclipse. The editor is much more powerful than the very beginning. What I have finished during the weekend are:

  • Document Partitioning
    • Add CDATA scanner
    • Configured SourceViewConfiguration
    • Modified TagRule and a couple of classes
  • Syntax Coloring
    • Mimicked the color theme in XMLSpy, but added more colors
    • Merged some functions. Therefore a couple of classes are of no use now. Will clean them later.

I wish to add the following features:

  1. XML validation
  2. Error marker
  3. Content Assist
  4. Proposal for errors
  5. Define extension points for easy customization

I have created a project at google code. But right now it is not the timing to paste the link here. I might release it in the future.

If you are looking for reference materials about writing an editor, I recommend the following staff:

  1. Building an Eclipse Text Editor with JFace Text
  2. Rinzo – Open Source XML Editor
  3. Java Developer’s Guide to Eclipse, download the CD-ROM content and find the SQL Editor sample:
  4. Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) has an XML Editor:
  5. HTML Editor also contains an XML editor:
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