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SWTbot: Automatic GUI Testing for RCP/SWT/Eclipse Programs

I finally sat down and spent two hours on using SWTbot. It is a automatic GUI testing tool for RCP/SWT programs. If you are writing AWT/Swing programs, it’s not for you. For AWT/Swing, you may want abbot. I experienced several … Continue reading

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Video Demo of External DSL by oAW Xtext

These three videos are very helpful:

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The Evolution of Mobile Phones (1985 – today)

Very interesting!

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Some Links for Domain Specific Languages

I am looking into DSL (domain specific language) recently. There are a few links below, bookmarked for my own convenience: Language Oriented Programming: The Next Programming Paradigm A good paper introduction to DSL. The language is plain, vivid, and easy … Continue reading

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Encoding Problem with HttpClient

HttpClient looks very nice, as it supports many HTTP actions. I tried the webpage download code, but encountered an encoding issues with Chinese web pages. Language encoding is always a problem for non-English developers, especially Asian developers, whose languages are … Continue reading

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Writing an XML Editor using JFace Text Framework

I am trying to write an XML Editor using JFace Text Framework. I started from the default XML Editor template created by eclipse. The editor is much more powerful than the very beginning. What I have finished during the weekend … Continue reading

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